Yurub Geenyo: The Diamond Vocalist in Somaliland


Yurub Mohamed Abdi better known as Yurub Geenyo is one of the most popular singer in Somaliland when she is in the stage her voice will attract you and sometimes touches deeply in your heart, her words is like warming thunder.

Yurub Geenyo

Every person has their own taste and choice of music. Some likes qaaci some likes raaxeye some likes classic music and others prefers jazz or rock so it’s really a very hard task to find out but we cannot just sit so we took the challenge to find the popular female vocalist in Somaliland I have picked up Yurub Mohamed Abdi (Yurub Geenyo) during that process

It will not take your time but the only thing you can do is to listen her words. She taped lot of songs during her life time and started her work in jigjiga Ethiopia and then come the city of poetry and Somali legends Hargeisa and she became the machine of Horn Stars band.

The greatest female vocalists of all time in Somaliland history have unmatched range as well as vocal control, power, and style. Yurub have left a permanent mark on the music industry with their phenomenal vocals. These remarkable women are unrivaled when it comes to pure, vocal talent. And I call her the voice is warming thunder.

She met good lyrics during her stage we can say she sings songs which related nature of Somali.

After considering their last year performance in Djibouti and Hargeisa no one hits eve recorded in the past. She has many Somali followers in every continent and good influence in the public life. So let bite the bullet, and start to recognize her as the best singer in somaliand and Somalia history



Abdulkadir Mohamed Arreye




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