Why Can’t Somaliland Deal With Russia and Its Allies or Even With Israel?


After more than 20 years, who do we blame for the diplomatic stagnation of Somaliland? And, how do we go around this never-ending “mythical Somalia’s Unity” quagmire in order to attain our political goal? We know that, legally speaking, we, Somalilanders have a strong case because we’ve, already, existed as an independent nation (meaning our cause is not in conflict with that “outdated/irrelevant” AU and UN territorial indivisibility act). Not to mention that, in 1961 Somalilanders said “NO!” to the union with Somalia in a referendum by 54%.1930s Somaliland map

So, to answer the above questions bluntly and humbly, we can, first of all, only blame our forefathers and past political leaders who’ve sold us out for political seats in Mogadishu and of, course, our post-SNM era governments including the current one.
Some will argue that countries like Kosovo, East Timor, Eritrea, South-Sudan, South-Ossetia or Abkhazia, had, all, some powerful political friends such as (respectively) the West/NATO, Russia,..whereas, we, Somalilanders, didn’t and still don’t.  Because, for example and unfortunately, our neighbouring Djibouti (former French Somali territory) and the anti-democratic-Arab-Muslim supposed brothers, sadly ganged up, not only, on our beloved democratic Somaliland but also, and always, gang up on any freedom loving nation on this Earth, such as the West-Saharan Republic’s people.
By the way, let’s not forget that Djibouti (this former French Somali Territory) itself rejected the union with Somalia in 1977 and chose to go its separate way. Yet, Djibouti, is, politically,  against Somalilanders’ choice to go their separate way as well but tirelessly and behind the curtains, advertises Somalia’s unity/indivisibility Propaganda. People say:” The evil often wears the coat of the wisdom”.That’s the case of Djibouti

Having said that, this is what we need to do. We should pressure our current leaders to approach and actively engage all friendly nations and sympathetic to the Self-determination Rights notion, like Ethiopia, South-Sudan, Kenya, Sweden, Israel, Russia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Tuvalu, Nauru or Vanuatu (these last 7 countries recognized some of the newly independent countries like Abkhazia & South-Ossetia) and certainly not Turkey because Turkey is Somalia’s corrupt leaders Bankroller and can never be neutral or a honest host.

Speaking of  Israel, we all know that some of our so-called Arab-Muslim brothers, like Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Bahrain, Mauritania, Tunisia, Turkey…etc, all enjoy friendly diplomatic relations with Israel. A move that I applaud and commend in the name of peace and mutual respect.

So, I don’t see why Somaliland shouldn’t do the same with Israel, one of the first States who recognised Somaliland in 1960 as an independent State?

Our Governments, current and future ones, should adopt a vigorous dual approach diplomacy, meaning that they should set-up and fund an efficient Lobby Team (of Renowned and High profile Personalities and Scholars such as Prof. I. A. Samatar, Hussein Tanzani, Dr. Edna, etc…) to shoulder our Foreign Affairs Minister to better engage friendly nations while, at the same time, trying to bring these hostile/bellicose Mogadishu crooks to the common sense whether in Turkey or elsewhere.

We should remember how, tirelessly, the former Yugoslav Republics citizens (Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Slovenia) were, in the 1990s years, present day and night, winter and summer, in the streets of everywhere to lobby hard for their freedom and for the international recognition of their sovereignty. To boost our Government’s slow foreign policy, we, as Somalilanders abroad, should not only party once a year but advocate day and night for the cause of Somaliland in the streets of everywhere.
God bless Somaliland Republic!

Some Arab/Muslim Governments do… Correct me if I’m wrong.

By Khader H I


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