Anti ‘Kay’ protests in Dhuusamareeb following envoy’s call to Ahlusunna


A section of Dhuusamareeb resident on Thursday morning took to the streets protesting against the UN special envoy to Somalia Mr. Nicholas Kay. Residents blasted the UN envoy following his call to Ahlusunna to withdraw from the town and return the town’s mantle to the Federal government. ???????????????????????????????Shouting anti ‘Kay’ slogans, residents say they are happy with the Ahlusuna administration and are thankful to them for liberating the town from Al-shabaab militants more than 7 years ago.

The calls by the UN envoy came after the paramilitary group took over the town after launching an offensive against government forces. They have since been regrouping into the area launching a widespread expansion agenda seeking to recapture large swathes of Galgaduud region.

The moderate Islamic group say the move was necessitated by the Federal government’s decision to trash agreements it signed with them.

They have also withdrawn from the Adaado conference that seeks to form a regional state for the regions in Central Somalia of Galgaduud and part of Mudug.


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