President Siilaanyo & delegation return laden with development projects (Audio+Pics)


His Excellency the President of the Republic of Somaliland, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud ‘Siilaanyo’ returned, today, from an official visit to the United Arab Emirates laden with the expedient implementation of old and new  projects, according to a statement the ROS Foreign Minister  gave the press at the airport.Before the FM, the President spoke of how plaesed he was with the outcome of the trip he and a high level delegation he led made to the UAE.

“I am quite pleased that the talks we held with the UAE was fruitful and promising. We, together, agreed on the speedy implementation of projects that the UAE has previously undertook to complete, as we had, also, discussed the initiation and timely completion of new projects that are of great import to the people of Somaliland and their country,” the President said.

The President said technical teams from both sides are attending to the timetable, implementation details and the like as of the moment.

The ROS Foreign Minister, Mohamed Behi Yonis, elaborating on the projects the President alluded to as programs said that the projects specifically related to water, infrastructure, hospitality, roads, health, education, electricity and on the exodus of refugees seeking safe haven in Somaliland.The Minister revealed that UAE teams attending to the hospitality, electricity,  and water programs had already arrived, and were working full time on technical details.

The FM said the projects followed very promising talks and fruitful talks they held with the UAE Crown Prince Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed and the Minister for the Presidency, Sheikh Mansour. The Minister added that they also with Sheikh Sultan of DP World and other company officials.

The minister said Somaliland has not yet decided on who to enter Berbera Port development agreement with. He said that, besides DP World. other establishments including Ballore, Mediterranean Shipping Company,  African Prime and a Canadian business venture.

“The two sisterly countries – by and large – met on matters centering on the economy, security and development,” Minister Behi said.

The Minister hoped that the starting point chalked by these projects between the two countries will successfully chug on to a finish line that merges and cements  mutual interests and traditional relation for eternity.

Here is the audio clip of the President and FM’s press brief: 

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