LEAKED: Samsung’s next phone will be almost as powerful as a desktop computer


Leaks for the supposed Samsung’s next phone, the Galaxy Note 5, have been emerging in quickfire succession, and the latest one from SamMobile on Monday claims the Note 5 will run with 4 GB of RAM.

RAM stands for random access memory, and it’s the short-term memory where often-used apps stay in your phone’s proverbial back pocket, ready to open quickly when you need them.

4 GB is a lot of RAM for a smartphone, as some full-size computers come with 4 GB.

Last year’s Galaxy Note 4 came with 3 GB of RAM, which was sufficient to run its exclusive features like running two apps at the same time in split-screen mode.samsung galaxy note 4

Samsung may be adding more RAM for smoother performance or to support new software or capabilities, but there haven’t been any rumors or leaks that suggest this yet.

The leak does claim that the Note 5 will support wireless charging, and it reinforces previous rumors that it’ll have a glass back, which is bad news for those who like to replace the battery or add extra storage by way of microSD card.

Source: Business Insider


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