WikiLeaks: latest rubbish pile for scavengers, gossip mongers


WikiLeaks describes itself as an organization that  “Publishes and comments on leaked documents alleging government and corporate misconduct.

The Wikipedia defines it as  an “international, non-profit, journalistic organisation, that publishes secret information, news leaks, and classified media from anonymous sources“.

Both of these definitions are not true – or  rather partially true but not ‘wholly true’ by a long shot. It is like the parable of the Satan in the Holy books, the Quran, for instance, that strives hard to capture what God’s angels are talking about, but cannot retain much of what is being talked about or raised in passing. Satan is chased down back to earth and has nothing much to thank for his advent, resorting to the only means he has on hand: gossip. Based on this,  Satan starts to spread tidbits 1% of which  ‘fact’  is diluted/laced with 99% of his making/invention. This hodge-podge concoction is what starts wars, invades privacies, causes divorces, strays people from leading decent lives, brings down law and order, creates the underworld of crime, etc. etc. This is the ‘gospel’ for gossip-mongers.

In this light, WikiLeaks is nothing but a pile of rubbish in which one can forage for half-truths, half-lies – the distinction of which from which is impossible to establish.

This is, also, what yellow journalism thrives on.

On the following table, we see thousands of entries, search results corresponding to the search terms on the second column. If one were to go through all – or even one-third of each, surely, one would have to the conclusion that:

  1. A large portion of the content is borrowed from everyday news reporting on conventional media portals
  2. Little of the material can be infallibly traced back to the sources, subjects mentioned
  3. Most of the content is difficult to accept as they have little relation with reality on the ground
  4. As the providers, publishers of these materials are themselves professed, unscrupulous ‘hackers’ themselves, there is little – if any – ground for confidence on material provided.

I have made the following searches on WikiLeaks. Look at the result.  Can anyone in his/her right mind say  that 100%, 50% or even 10% of the outcome  alleges to or implies government and corporate misconduct? 

  Subject Search Results #
Somaliland 3 633
Somaliland Government 2 385
Republic of Somaliland 598
Somalia 105 471
Somalia TFG 12262
Somali Federal Government 10 692
Djibouti 17 847
Ethiopia 42 856

In conclusion, Somalis must tread very carefully and sieve through readily provided material before jumping on conclusions one may find erroneous and regrettable  later.

One mus read Surat Jinn of the Quran for guidance.


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