EU remains engaged in Somaliland, only relocating offices – d’Urso


A twitter message Ambassador Michele Cervone d’Urso, the EU Special Envoy and Ambassador to Somalia/Somaliland, posted today declared that the EU would remain fully engaged in Somaliland.

The Ambassador said they were only relocating to new offices, and not leaving the country.

The Ambassador’s Twitter message allays fears that the European Union has found fault with the Somaliland government and its country as has been bandied around by the Somaliland opposition parties.

The message, also, bares open the absence of responsible opposition in Somaliland showing the leaders as only commentators on what is published or aired in the media.

Mr. d’Urso’s Twitter message comes at the right time correcting an ominous silence on his office’s part that preceded this latest posting.

Thanks to the content of the short message, it now becomes quite apparent that some elements other than the opposition had been active in fueling the rumour that the EU was, in fact,  pulling out of Somaliland altogether. One of these could be the Mogadishu-, UNISOM-guarded Somalia government that had never desisted from claiming Somaliland as its own, hence, envious of the relative stability and development it achieved with the help of partners such as the European Commission.


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