Female assailant wounded and captured in attack on US consulate, after police station was bombed in separate incident.Two assailants have opened fire at the US consulate building in Istanbul and engaged in a gunfight with security personnel, according to local media reports.

Turkish media said no one was hurt in the attack on Monday morning.

One of the assailants, a female, was wounded in the attack and captured by the police in an apartment nearby, media said, adding that police was searching for a second suspect, who was reportedly male.

The incident came hours after a bomb attack on a police station in east of the city injured 10 people, including seven police officers.

The bomb attack targeted the police station in Istanbul’s Sultanbeyli neighbourhood at approximately 1am and caused a fire that collapsed part of the three-storey building.

Last month Turkey conducted aerial strikes against ISIL positions in Syria and agreed to let the US-led coalition use its bases for its fight against ISIL.

The move followed a suicide bombing blamed on ISIL which killed 32 people and after ISIL fighters fired at Turkish soldiers from across the border in Syria, killing one soldier.

Police cordoned off the area but people gathered outside the police station shouted slogans against the PKK, Turkey’s Hurriyet newspaper reported.

Source: Al Jazeera and agencies


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