Buuhoodle: ROS Minister for Health flexes muscle, show of support (Video)


xagloHis Excellency the Minister for Health of the Republic of Somaliland reached Buuhoodle on the Somaliland-Ethiopian border – his hometown – in a show of supremacy and support to ferret out Ali Khalif Galaydh and other Khatumo insurgents lurking in city to foment imported unrest and instability in area.

His Excellency Suleiman Isse ‘Haglatoosiye’ was welcome by residents and supporters some 35 kilometres outside the city who turned out en masse waving green leaves and the Somaliland flag.

The Minister was escorted to the center of the city in style, where he spoke to the supporters and revelers jubilantly shouting his name and welcoming slogans.

The Minister was given a military salute by Somaliland army units in the area before he reached the town sports stadium where he let his powerful voice ring out.

Minister Suleiman stated that he was there to prevent troublemakers sow seeds of strife and mayhem in an area that has only recently tasted the gratifying fruits of peace and coexistence.

“I am here to stop blood let of your sons! I am here to chase away those who wish to make you human shields for their bloody ends!I am here to further consolidate peace, stability and development for Buuhoodle,” he told residents.

Minister Haglatoosiye will certainly re-organize administration in the area and execute several development projects critical to area social welfare and infrastructure during this visit.


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