Tweeter using @SpeakerMJawari calls Monday Reburied victims ‘Ethiopian Spies”


A person using the name, title and photos of the Speaker of the Parliament of Somalia, Mohamed Osman Jawari @SpeakerMJawari and the username ‘Federal Parliament’, has of late been bombarding Somalilanders with Tweets calling the 42 civilians whose remains had been collected from a mass grave on Monday near Hargeisa and reburied in style Mengistu/Ethiopian ‘spies’ who had been caught (ostensibly by Siyad Barre troops) and executed.

Thumbing his nose at Somaliland and Somalilanders, the Tweeter, Federal Parliament, repeats this assertion by tagging a great number of Somaliland individuals and media outlets one at a time for best effect.

The person goes on to condemn Somaliland as a ‘one-clan secessionist enclave’ committing genocides against what he calls Khatumo.

This, on the outside, looks like an impostor, muddying the person and station of the Somalia Parliament speaker, but, if he is not checked very soon and given his due legal desserts, then, Somaliland will not be faulted if it comes to the conclusion that this person is, in fact, the Somalia Speaker himself.

Somalia, of late, has been using a number of tactics to undermine the Republic of Somaliland’s long-overdue quest for a reclaimed sovereignty it lost to Somalia and to its own naivety in 1960 which resulted in a massive genocide and ethnic cleansing in Somaliland spearheaded by military commanders directly taking orders from the Somali Democratic Republic (a.k.a. military regime)  strongman, General Mohamed Siyad Barre and Lieutenant General Mohamed Ali Samatar, his military right hand man nd Minister.

On Monday, on the northern outskirts of Hargeisa, the remains of 42 victims of such a genocide were discovered, taken out of a shallow mass grave they were perfunctorily buried and reburied in accordance with Islamic respects for the dead.aas100Among the remains were children and many of them women still clinging to their bundled clothes and cooking utensils.

These are the people the tweeter calls “42 SNM Terrorists traitor working for Communist Mengistu gov”.

The Somalia Parliament Speaker must either distance himself from these despicable tweets are else shoulder the responsibility of his follies.

Below is how Federal Speaker’s @SpeakerMJawari photo page on his Twitter account looks like (Topmost):



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