Somaliland: FM Behi Clarifies Reason for not Accompanying President on Foreign Visit


The Republic of Somaliland Minister of Foreign Affairs and International cooperation Hon Mohamed Bihi Yunis has in the strongest terms refuted reports by a section of local media alleging the FM failed to join the President entourage headed to Ireland vie Dubai, UAE instead opted to lobby for the party’s top post ahead of the ruling party convention which is expect to be held on the 10th, October 2015.12088343_1632254680372217_305728344142194906_n

The FM in an interview with state owned Dawan newspaper state the reason for him staying behind when President Silanyo delegation departed last Sunday for Dubai said , “ The reason I stayed behind was because , I was to receive a high level trade delegation which arrived in the country on Sunday led by Mr. Eduard Sigrist, the Senior Vice President of MSC and Mr. Ebrahim Sharaf, President of Sharaf Group, and were accompanied by senior executives Mr. Kenneth Peire and Mr. Tom van Eynde from Terminals Investment Limited (TiL).

Hon Mohamed Bihi Yunis further revealed he would be joining the President Silanyo entourage in Duba, UAE i in the coming days before departing for the republic of Ireland.

The FM gave further details regarding the foreign trade delegation visit in which he began by saying,” The foreign trade delegation during their stay in the country toured the capital Hargeisa, port town of Berbera and border town of Togwajaale was to meet with representatives from the government and also the business community to discuss the issue of Berbera Port, Berbera Corridor, investment and job creation opportunities in Somaliland. MSC/TIL is one of the several investors interested in developing the port Berbera.

Somaliland Minister for Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation, Hon Minister Mohamed Bihi Yonis met with the President and Chairman of MSC previously in Geneva during the spring season to discuss a number of issues including the potential investment in the Port of Berbera.

Mr. Eduard Sigrist, the Senior Vice President of MSC, commented: “MSC are a firm believer in the project and there is a bright future for Berbera Port and infrastructure on the Addis Ababa-Berbera Corridor”

Mr. Kenneth Peire, Chief Technical Officer of TIL, added that: “Berbera would be an exciting place to develop”

The FM thanked the delegation led by MSC for visiting Somaliland and for presenting their case for investing in the port of Berbera ,  placing their full confidence in Berbera strategic location as the future  gateway to Ethiopia and the whole of Horn region.



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