Somalia: MP Gurhan dies of gunshot wounds sustained (Update)


Somalia Member of Parliament Mohamed Ahmed Gurhan dies of gunshot wounds sustained earlier in the morning of Saturday, November 7.

Unidentified gunmen have seriously wounded the Somalia legislator in Mogadishu (Somalia), the latest in a series of attacks targeting the country’s legislative body members, police said Saturday.1798051_578260295637885_7794971887768495176_n

According to police officials, Mohamed Ahmed Gurhan was shot from a moving vehicle in Hamarweyne district as he walked near his residence.

The officials in Mogadishu said security forces were pursuing the  attackers who escaped by car after the attack.

Medical sources in Mogadishu told HOL that the wounded MP was in a stable condition as doctors were struggling to save him.

Somalia’s Al-Qaeda Affiliated group of Al-shabaab have claimed for the attack’s responsibility  which comes as hundreds of soldiers were deployed across the city to prevent  further attacks by the militants.

The Al-Qaeda linked Al-Shabab group often carries out such attacks targeting Somali officials and African Union forces protecting the government.

What is not explained by the police, however, is why MPs originally hailing from Somaliland had of late been singled out for drive-by shootings.

Gurhan is the last of a number of Somalilanders who had been wooed by Mogadishu to join their lineup who had been so targeted and killed or wounded seriously.

Source: Hiiraanonline/Somtribune


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