Somaliland: President Inaugurates Kuwaiti Funded State-of-art Institution for Orphans (+Photos)


His Excellency the President of the Republic of Somaliland, Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud “Siilaanyo”, today,  inaugurated the first phase of ultra-modern technical school complex for basic education meant for orphaned girls funded by the Kuwaiti Foundation known as “Kuwait Charity Academy”.unnamed (5)The Head of State laid the foundation stone of a similar second phase centre for girls at the opposite side of the compound across the main road.

Mr. Ibrahim Nur Jama who spoke on behalf of the administration which is in charge of running the daily day operation of Kuwait Charity Academy  has thanked the president in attending the inauguration of the girls of ultra-modern technical school complex which the Kuwaiti  Foundation.

A delegation from Kuwait was also in attendance during the official opening of the second phase of the project.

Director of the Presidency’s office for Humanitarian Affairs Ms. Amina Mohamud Diriye  has thanked the Kuwaiti gov’t for implementing such projects in Somaliland.

She also thanked the president of Somaliland and said that much of the progress made today will be impossible without the leadership of President Ahmed Silanyo.

Mr. Amina has praised the First Lady, Ms. Amina Waris Sh. Mohamed Jirde who always standby the orphaned and vulnerable children in Somaliland.

Hon. Sa’ad Al Utaibi who spoke on behalf of Kuwait government has thanked the president of Somaliland in attending the event.

He went on to say that the project will be benefited by orphaned and vulnerable children.

He stated that the project was implemented through Kuwaiti Foundation.

Mr. Khalil Abdilahi Ahmed, Minister of religious affairs has praised the role that Kuwait plays when it comes to erecting buildings that are taken care of orphaned children.

President Ahmed Silanyo of Somaliland has acknowledged the importance of this project for the nation.

He thanked the Kuwaiti Foundation and received presents from Kuwait.

The president also presented presents to the Kuwait delegation.

In addition, the president has opened new building at the International Hospital and toured all the different departments of the hospital.

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