Somaliland: 30 Female Trained Journalists Earn Completion Certificates, Veterans Encourage Them


Her Excellency the Republic of Somaliland’s Vice Minister of the Ministry of Information, Shukri Harir Ismail, close a three-month journalism training programme for thirty  female journalists, Saturday, at the Imperial Hotel, Hargeisa.Page1At an event graced by renowned veteran Somaliland journalists including Hussein Aw Jama Jibril ‘Hagar’, Abdullahi Wayab, Professor Hasan Heiss, Mohamoud Abdi Ali ‘Duale’, Hussein Ali Nur, SONSAF Chairman Mustafa Sa’ad Dhimbil, Ahmed Abdirahman ‘Heello’, Hussein Abdullahi Beegsi, and many others, the closing remarks of all those who spoke, in fact, turned into another extension of the training program for the richness and detailed accounts given of past experiences and pointers for the fulfilment of responsible journalism in upcoming assignments for trainees.

Amina Mohamoud Derie, the Director of Welfare at the Ministry of Presidency, also spoke kind words and gave much advice to participants at the event.

“There was a time I was the only female journalist at the Ministry of Information,” the VC, a long-standing veteran journalist, said.

Ms Shukri recounted the hard work, the tough competition, the extra work and hours she put in to stay apace – and excel – her male fellow colleagues and how gratifying, rewarding a job well done was to the good journalist at the time.

“You have all the perks, all the amenities of technology to prop you up now. Make good use of it,” she said.

NEC Commissioner, Saeed Ali Musa, Mohamoud Abdi Ali ‘Duale’, Prof. Hassan Heiss, Mustafa Sa’ad, Zahra Abdiwahaab and Yasmin Ahmed Yussuf – all veteran journalists from varying disciplines, imparted snapshots of their experiences in their closing remarks at the event.

The Training was organized by the Somaliland Women In Journalism Association (WIJA) and conducted by FAZINGO – A Swedish organization that supports media initiatives.

Please find a more detailed audio-visual report below:


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