Somaliland: Government Responsible for Security, Protection of Citizens – Ministry of Foreign Affairs


image001Republic of Somaliland

Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation

Press Release


The Republic of Somaliland declared independence in 1991 in response to the clearly-stated wishes of our people exercising their right of self-determination.  Somaliland is a sovereign state that will never accept being subject to foreign advice or interference.  We have a democratic system of government, thanks to which power passes peacefully from one party to another in elections.

Our people have consistently supported Somaliland’s independence, by consistently voting for political parties that support independence, and in 2001 overwhelmingly supporting a Constitution in favour of Independence.  Our government cannot and will not ignore the will of its people.

The Republic of Somaliland is the sole authority responsible for the security and protection of its citizens, and the only entity with a l
.  Any rumours which state otherwise are entirely baseless and without foundation.  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reaffirms its commitment.


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