Somaliland: 10 Gang rapists slammed with 15 years in prison

A court in Somaliland has sentenced ten men to 15-years in jail after they were found guilty of rape and sexual violence in a town along its border with Djibouti.
The court in Awdal region of Somaliland has sentenced the rapists to 15 years in jail with an option of heavy fine.
According to evidence presented at the court, the two women came from the capital Hargeisa and were driving to the town of Lawla-Adde that occurs along the border between Somaliland and Djibouti.
“They (the sentenced men) accompanied the women out of the town before they started sexually abusing the ladies. They teared off their clothes and threw away their shoes. They caused them physical injuries,” the prosecutor said at the court. The case was dragging for more than 60 days.
The case has seen the arrest of more than 15 men accused of perpetrating the rape.
The completion of this particular case is seen as a victory for the victims of sexual violence as the country attempts to root out violence against women.


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