Chilling ISIS video calls for ‘brothers’ to leave al-Qaeda in Somalia and join forces with Islamic State


The video, reportedly made by ISIS, urges members of al-Shabaab to switch allegiance and join them in Libya.

A new video, supposedly released by the Islamic State, is urging their ‘Somalian brothers’ to leave al-Shabaab and join ISIS instead .

The clip, titled ‘A Message to our Brothers in Somalia’ was released on January 12, 2016 and shows ISIS militants in ‘Wilayat Tarablus’, Libya , addressing members of al-Shabaab.

al-Shabaab is an Islamic militant group based in southern Somalia, Africa, and is currently affiliated with al-Qaeda.

The group is known to be fighting an insurgency against the internationally recognised Somali Federal Government, which is based in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu.ISIS video calls for Somalia to join the Islamic State

Plea: ISIS militants urge members of al-Qaeda to join them in Libya


However, recent reports suggest that some members of al-Shabaab have defected from the group, and instead pledged allegiance to their enemies, ISIS, in an act known as ‘bayha’.

In the video, one Islamic militant says: “We call upon you to put aside your pride and your arrogance and your blind following of some of your leaders who lack wisdom.ISIS video calls for Somalia to join the Islamic State

Brothers: Members of al-Shabaab have been leaving to join ISIS


“Fear Allah in dealing with the Muslims. Fear Allah in spilling the blood of the Muslims who have given bayha.”

Earlier this week, it was reported that 30% more British girls and women fled to Syria in 2015 to join ISIS, compared with 2014 statistics.ISIS video calls for Somalia to join the Islamic State

Arrogance: ISIS urges enemies to stop following leaders who ‘lack wisdom’


Counter-terror cops believe 56 females reported missing by their families are all feared to have travelled to the war torn state.

Officers said they were “deeply concerned” by the figures as many women were unaware that they will probably never be able to return home.

A total of 43 females were thought to have fled to Syria in the previous 12 months, without knowing the true brutality of the terror group ISIS .


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