Daon Tech Supports Peacebuilding Work in Somaliland


Daon is helping to develop a biometric voting system in Somaliland, the company has announced.

It’s a project organized by Interpeace, a United Nations-affiliated NGO that works to build peace in war-torn states. Daon has been selected to provide the key software technology to ATEA, an IT company that Interpeace has contracted for the project.

Daon’s technology will play an important role in the Somaliland Biometric Voter Registration program, which aims to establish a registry of biometric data that can be used to authenticate voters for polling in future elections. Daon specializes in biometric identity solutions, having developed products like its IdentityX platform; and it also has experience in high-profile government projects in the areas of border control and airport security screening, where fast and accurate identification is critical. Thus it’s well-suited to the Somaliland project.Commenting on the project in a statement, Interpeace Operations Deputy Director-General Jerry McCann said that his organization worked with the Somaliland National Electoral Commission to select “the best value value for money technology, expertise and support needed to help use create a new electoral register in Somaliland.” Speaking on behalf of Daon, CEO Tom Grissen, meanwhile, asserted, “We are delighted to leverage the power of our biometric software for the important mission of strengthening democracy and building peace.”



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