Somaliland: Kulmiye top brass woo Professor Samatar to join ranks (Pics)


Professor Ahmed Ismail Samatar spoke to thousands of college students at the Red Sea Culture center in Hargeisa that the Chairman of the ruling Party, Kulmiye, Musa Behi Abdi, and his top lieutenants attended.

The Center’s courtyard here the lecture was to be delivered was filled to capacity long before the appointed hour.

Professor Samatar, during the presentation, spoke at length of the Somali culture and how important it was for upcoming generations to preserve its more positive sides as that have proven to be the mainstay of coexistence, courtesy, and respect to humanity evident in present day society.

The presence of Kulmiye’s Chairman, Mr. Behi, First Deputy Chairman, Mohamed Kahin, and the Secretary General of the Party, Hassan Saeed Yussuf, and other top-ranking party officials indicated in what light the party saw Mr. Samatar.

As it was a tribute to the academician-turned- politician, the attendance of Kulmiye top brass of the lecture, it was seen, by observers, that it was a signal to all that the Party wanted the Professor to join its ranks. As much has been said in s many words by the Chairman himself earlier.

It was rumored that Professor Samatar had his eyes on Waddani

The conspicuous absence of Waddani officials, however, in last night’s event did not escape the prof and participants of the event.

Professor, for the first time, declared upon return to Somaliland earlier during the week, that he was now ready to join one of the three national political parties: Kulmiye, Waddani, Ucid.13307261_1017540241632938_1648474388182224849_n 13310486_1017540258299603_4840435445282323159_n 13312820_520228891483557_3901551806462996938_n 13315350_1017540271632935_5766875335060912691_n 13315509_1017541414966154_7441608814521611770_n 13319916_1017541368299492_3750452980729103651_n 13325515_1017541238299505_804106252124490486_n 13332903_1017540688299560_8462707433579069788_n 13332938_1017540684966227_152102574210387835_n 13335900_1017540524966243_8682090674441402824_n 13336107_1017540224966273_741916519341104847_n 13339482_1017540504966245_6027653515286298097_n 13339512_1017540534966242_3635807768765213108_n 13346861_1017540791632883_4990780970657282569_n


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