Somaliland: Professor Samatar formally joins ruling party


Professor Ahmed Ismail Samatar, renowned lecturer, and statesman formally cast his lot with the ruling party of the Republic of Somaliland, Tuesday, in Borama at an event held in his honor.image“Today,” the Professor said “can only be equated to a day in June 2013, following my return to Somaliland, when an estimated 70 000 supporters came to welcome me back here in Borama”.

He said he was tremendously moved by the love and support shown him then and now without fully earning it – yet.

“I have decided to the best of my ability to contribute to the development, reconstruction, the way forward of Somaliland and its people through the existing structure, mechanism of Kulmiye party,” Professor Samatar said.

Both Musa Behi,  the presidential candidate of the party and the incumbent Chairman, and the runner-up for the Vice President, currently the Vice President in office for the republic, Abdirahman Abdillahi ‘Zeyli’i’, a number of Ministers and prominent traditional leaders all spoke highly of the professor, wishing him a brilliant future in politics.

Borama has indisputably earned a coveted niche in Somaliland history as the hub and mother of modern Somaliland and that, perhaps, was one of the chief reasons to hold the event in the professor’s hometown.


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