Dahabshiil donates to Buuhoodle EA University


In the traditional spirit of its corporate social responsibility, Dahabshiil Group financially contributed to East Africa University’s Buuhoodle Campus in a function held for this purpose in Buuhoodle city Wednesday.

Abdi Aziz Garaad Soofe, the manager of Dahabshiil DMT, the money transfer wing of the Group, in Buuhoodle, handing over a sum of US$ 10 000 to the university Board underlined the position of tertiary education to the area, and how that cannot be achieved without the selfless support of the community.

Abdi-Shafi Ahmed Ali(left) and Abdi Aziz Garad Soofe (right)

“This token of support from the company is to add to all of your efforts,” he said.

Abdi-Shafi Ahmed Ali, the Chairman, receiving the contribution from Mr. Soofe, expressed his gratitude to the Group for the donation, pointing out that this was not the first time Dahabshiil contributed towards the development of the city’s education system and its other social welfare and infrastructure schemes.

Equally, other participants of the function, including religious scholars, civic leaders, members of the academia and traditional leaders all conveyed their pleasure in being part of an on-going drive to develop the educational, curricular level of the university, and how that could have proven an uphill task without the constant support of companies at the head of which was Dahabshiil.

Dahabshiil Group’s money transfer, Somtel telecommunication, Banking and eDahab services have wrought a crucial niche’ for themselves in Somali hearts by taking life-saving, fast, trustworthy and socially conscious services to almost all homes – far and wide – of customers and subscribers.

Dahabshiil DMT is available in  more than 126 countries worldwide which fact places the company at the forefront of homegrown money transfer services in the African continent.

__________________________________________________ Ahmed M Nadiif, Buuhoodle, contributed to this report & Video


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