Somaliland: An African voice for peace, recognition


Somaliland seeks the worldSomaliland searches the world

Somaliland searches the world
To recognise my sole state

I am told to wait
and wait get wait
So wait but wait
and wait with wait
Long enough to wait
how long to wait
Alone and short.

Are you in vain
but be in faith
Feel us the time
right time to feel.

We have the rank
We have the right
And have the rule
To run with you
on the right truck

Do be brave and bold in eyes
Powerful heart genius in mind.
Armed the aim

The triple ppp
Post us to peace
Bloodshed less Prosperity
peace on the world

Where are you all
The masters, leaders
Leading the world
To save the world

To say the word
oh peace of mind
pray with us
in every pertinent prosperity

my red green and white flag
with the dark star in the mid of it
shows you/us the way
to corporate .

We cant wait long
so long and long
Sights and sound
If yet the same
See you in tight.

By MP Eng Ahmed Abdi Ibrahim Recognize Somaliland


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