China unveils flashy new stealth fighter




>> An ear-splitting message to the world from China, debuting it’s new J-20 stealth fighter at the country’s biggest airshow in the southern city of Zhuhai on Tuesday. Experts say the stealth jet is a big step forward for the country’s military as Beijing races to narrow the gap with Washington.


Reuters Brenda Goh was among the crowd at the flyby.>> This is the highlight of the event. Because the Chinese Air fForce only revealed on Friday that it was gonna showcase the J-20 for the first time ever in public. Up til now, the jet has only been seen by bloggers, through a series of photographs they managed to take of the flight testing in secret.


Its radar-evading fighter and one of the most advanced fighters that China has ever produced.>> Experts say the big question is how the Chinese fighter keeps up with its look alike, the American F-22 Raptor. Some doubt its stealth capabilities. But insiders say it’s a leap ahead of the countries first attempt, the J-31 which was designed for export.


The new stealth jet, they say, China developed for itself as the country takes a more aggressive stands in the East and South China Seas.>>


The Zhuhai air show is about a lot more than military gear.>> Everyone is here because China’s aviation market is growing at 10% Euro a year, and that means big business with the likes of teams, like Boeing and Airbus


>> Who are all here to sell their gear. Though the issue is that China also wants to build its own planes.>> Comac is China’s own airplane maker. Its C919 passenger jet is designed to compete with rivals Boeing and Airbus. Though it won’t be on the display at the Zhuhai air show.


It’s running years behind schedule and could be taking it’s maiden flight as late as 2017.



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