Dahabshiil CEO says Farmaggio election sends positive signals to the world


Dahabshiil top chief, Abdirashid Duale, says the election of Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaggio to President in Somalia sends several positive signals to the outside world.

For one, CEO Duale said, speaking to Talking Points of the BBC World Service, President Famaggio’s peaceful and smooth election and the fact that the outgoing president, Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, conceded defeat and so warmly and  quickly congratulating the president-elect, signaled that Somalia has matured to a stage where it was open for business with the outside world.

“Somalia needs stability, needs development and President Farmaggio coming to power so peacefully withand the former president congratulating him so quickly sent a message to the world that Somalis are open for business,” Duale said.

“That Somalia elected an American sends another signal to America saying that Somalia was ready to join the global community,” Mr. Duale said.

Secondly, since the elected president held a dual US-Somali citizenship, that fact itself signaled that Somalia was ready to merge with the developed and developing world in a more responsible more amenable atmosphere.

Mr. Duale hoped that the President-elect create opportunities and learned from companies like Dahabshiil.

“I hope that the President would engage quickly with the international community and with regional governments,” he said, adding that “partnership and cooperation will help Somalia get the security and all-round development it so desperately needs,” CEO Duale stated.

Listen to the BBC sound clip here:



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