Somaliland gives a 30-year chance for partnership, ends up ‘victimized’


“For thirty years, the people here paid the price for a terrible mistake…” begins a moving account that Ayub Nuri of the Kurdish Rudaw TV portrayed of the republic of Somaliland: history, people, land, aspirations, sovereignty, international indifference, etc.

The documentary outlines the people of Somaliland’s perseverance in the face of nearly 40 years of Somalia domination, unfair treatment, persecution, genocide, arbitrary mass arrests and the like.

“We were victimized – basically,” H.E. Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire, the republic’s ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, told Rudaw.

“In 1991, the (Somalia) government collapsed and our people decided to leave a union that wasn’t serving any purpose at all. The net result of the union was total destruction and displacement. Our people came to realize that ‘that was enough'”, Minister Saad said.

The story goes on to investigate all facets leading to the re-affirmation of an independence conditionally lost to Somalia in 1960 in the understanding that the union with Somalia was a prelude to a larger union among all the five major regions of a ‘Greater Somalia’ – hence so, the five-pronged, white star.

The story highlights how Somaliland people made an unsung success of their country despite the seemingly insurmountable odds that the world heaped against it at every turn.

Here it is:

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