Dahabshiil Group Sponsors TEDx Hargeisa Event


TEDx Hargeisa , an annual event that brings together the local and world leading thinkers and doers to share ideas that matter in any discipline, be it technology, entertainment, design, science, humanities, or business development, was held in Hargeisa.

Dahabshiil Group, comprising of Dahabshiil Money Transfer & eDahab, Dahabshiil Bank International and Somtel Telecommunications was the Gold Sponsor of Tedx Hargeisa.

An event organized by renowned local intellectuals Tedx Hargeisa local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED like experience and a podium which connects intellectuals to reach out to youths motivating them to pursue education and further creativity on a number of forefronts-from Somali poetry and lyrics, entrepreneurship, among others.

In attendance at the event were hundreds of people which included students, lyricists, writers, doctors, politicians and businesspeople. Among the prominent dignitaries attending the event were Dr. Edna Adan Ismael, Doctor Bulhan, Mr. Jama Musse Jama, Mr. Hassan Ali Daoud, Mr. Sami Abdi Gabas and Mr. Barkhad M. Kariye.

Mr. Jama Mousse Jama, author and organizer of the annual Somaliland Book Fair speaking at the event stated the need of organizing platforms which are designed to engage intellectuals could reach out to youths in ensuring major progress toward social cohesion and productivity.

He added that such a ceremony was marking the pivotal role intellectuals have thus far played in helping direct their youths and motivating them to pursue knowledge to bridge the knowledge gap amongst members of the society. The author also discussed that it is a dire necessity to transition the Somaliland society from being oral to a writing society.

Mr. Hassan Ali Daoud, a local activist speaking at the event reiterated that it is crucial for youths to have a hope of a better future and to pursue further what they dream. He further added that only a hope could not balance life circumstances of anyone, but exerting more effort could change the balance towards direction they are heading.

Dr. Hussein A. Bulhan, the founder of Frantz Fanon University who’s the author of several major publications and numerous articles, including Frantz Fanon and Psychology of Oppression.

Nour-Alhuda Ali Banfas, renowned photographer and author of the book “Kayd Deegan” speaking at the event shared her experience through the lens.

Mr. Awale Ismail Suleiman, poet and social activist, addressed the attendees on the negativity’s of tribalism.

Mr. Sami Abdi Gabas, a local entrepreneurship remarked that one can be rich without having start-up capital to open business and that entrepreneurial thinking as well as creativity matters more than capital. As one of those who provided speeches at the event, he emphasized that youths should not stay unemployed waiting to be employed, should they do that they won’t have the brilliant future they hope ahead of them. He urged youths to be creative and embrace self-employment scheme thus providing much needed jobs for fellow citizens and at the same time contributing to the country’s economic productivity.

Mr. Barkhad M. Kariye, a local journalist and the host of the event said, “The event corroborating the view points of the aforementioned intellectuals. He remarked that a better and brilliant future for the country relies with how Somaliland’s youths make use of their time, knowledge and wealth, and that such a future could not be reached in lullaby.

Keynote speakers at the event reiterated their commitment to the youths and as youths are the future leaders of their respective nation, urged them to feel the burden upon them and exert their efforts, benefitting their fellow citizens. They all expressed appreciation to Dahabshiil for sponsoring the event and encouraging such a laudable, remarkable platform.

Dahabshiil Group, comprising of Dahabshiil Money Transfer & eDahab, Dahabshiil Bank International and Somtel Telecommunications showcased the various services it provides to its customers during the event.

Dahabshiil Bank International showcased the various banking services and Microdahab service which issue million in loans earmarked for the local financial, livestock, agriculture, health and education sectors.

Somtel’s , leading telecommunication company showcased it’s modern electronic service ”E-Dahab” which is a mobile Money Wallet service that allows you to pay for almost anything through your phone at ease instead of paying with cash, cheque, or credit cards.


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