Somaliland: President Bihi, Opposition Leaders Agree on Prioritizing National Interest


H.E President Muse Bihi Abdi, flanked by the VP, H.E Abdurrahman on Sunday and the Minister of Interior Hon Mohamed Kahin Ahmed met with the leaders of the two official opposition political parties the Honourables, Eng. Feisal Ali Hussein “Warabe”, Chairman of the Justice and Welfare party “UCID” and Dr. Abdurrahman Mohamed Abdullah, Chairman of Somaliland National Party “WADDANI” at the Presidential Palace.

The meeting which is a follow up of similar previous meeting hosted by the Head of State and the leaders of the two official national opposition political organizations attain a common stand on matters of national concern such security, both internally and externally, and to come up with joint stance regarding such, be it the government, opposition and the general public.

High on the agenda, during the met were matters pertaining the holding of the upcoming parliamentarian and local government elections which are due to be held in the course of the next year and the way forward, not to mention the in-depth deliberation on the recurrence of the current and the uphill task waiting in dealing with the drought which is currently affecting several regions of the country.

The meeting, concluded with a sense of consensus, on the part of the Head of State and the leaders of the two official opposition political organizations, who reiterated the commitment to prioritize matters of national concern.




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