Ethiopian Prime minister’s resignation part of EPRDF’s ongoing reform to address legitimate public demands – Consular Tesfaye


The Consular-General of the Ethiopian Government to Somaliland, General Berhe Tesfaye released the below-copied statement to the local press Wednesday.

It reads:

Hargeisa: In the last two decades the government of Ethiopia goes through serious policy reforms and implementations. Implementing those well-organized policies and strategies, Ethiopia has become one of the fastest growing economy in Africa as well as in the world. This happened because of the conducive political-economic environment created in the country. Therefore, Ethiopian GDP uplifted close to 80 Billion USD that makes the country to have this huge economy in its region.

However, this fast economic growth has brought income disparity among different section of the society. At the same time the booming of youth population in the country resulted unemployment problem. Even though the government has attempted to create millions of jobs, still there is substantial unemployment problem. At the same time, incompetent government officials created a discontent among the society with inefficient service provision.  

 Against this backdrop, it is almost two years since the government of Ethiopia has started deep reform and renewal process in a bid to address popular quests arising from lack of good governance, incompetence of officials, corruption and rent seeking. Despite remarkable achievements over the last 26 years in all walks of life, Ethiopian government still fall short to match public’s growing demand for more development, inclusivity and equal participation. 

As is clearly stated by EPRDF executive committee statement following its 17 day meeting last December, the main source of all the problem is in the leadership. It is evaluated that there is a gap among senior government officials in providing timely and strategic leadership. Having identified the source of the problem, Ethiopian government is undertaking several concrete reform measures to address the fundamental grievances of the people and move the country forward in terms of ensuring sustainable peace, national security and widening political space.

Prime Minister Hailemariam’s resignation should also be seen as part of EPRDF’s continued reform attempt to address popular demand. The Prime Minister himself in his resignation address stated that, “I see my resignation as vital in the bid to carry out reforms that would lead to sustainable peace and democracy.”  Foreign Minister Dr. Workeneh Gebeyehu, while briefing members of the diplomatic community, also elucidated that the resignation is aimed at supporting the ongoing reforms that the government has been undertaking to widen political space and hasten the democratization process. In this regard, the foreign minister assured the diplomatic community that the process of choosing the next Prime Minister who will succeed Hailemariam will be peaceful and democratic. The prime minister will continue to serve in his current capacity until his resignation is accepted by the parliament and replacement is appointed at the next EPRDF congress.

Following the request from the larger public, the council of Ministers has declared State of emergency for six months to protect the constitution and constitutional order as well as ensuring security and stability of the country. It is expected the decree will create enabling environment for the smooth transition of political power and to enhance political reforms.

Finally, History taught us that EPRDF is capable of managing any challenge. No doubt EPRDF will address all legitimate demands of the people and annihilate anti peace elements to bring lasting peace and enhance democratization in the country with the full participation of the people. It will also once again make history by making peaceful transition of power as per the existing legal procedures and consolidate the remarkable progress made in the socio-economic development of the country.


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