Somaliland: Kulmiye Party women pay courtesy visit to Ex-President Siilaanyo


Prominent women members of the ruling party of Somaliland, Kulmiye, paid a touching homage to the ex-president of the Republic, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud ‘Siilaanyo’, Tuesday.

“What I had learnt from my time at your office was much more useful, much more enlightening than all the years of education through formal schools,” Amina Mohamoud Derie, the former Head of the Presidency Humanitarian office, said.

Amina went to express her pride as part of the women party force, and core leaders, who successfully put a Kulmiye presidential candidate in office as head of state twice.

“It is our infinite honour, a source of pride for all of us women leaders and members of the Kulmiye party to have served under you, to have elected you to President and to have elected your successor, President Musa Bihi, to office, too,” she said.

Anab Omar Illeye, former head of the Kulmiye Women Affairs Chairperson, pointed out how happy they all were to pay homage to a revered leader and president who led them to victory many a time, a man who taught them a great many things foremost among which was perseverance in the face of adversity.

“Your patience and capacity to sacrifice your personal interest for the overall good, the national angle, has become a legend upcoming generations will emulate and learn from,” she said.

“You went down in Somaliland history as the President of achievement, development and national transformation. None can deny that. None can conceal that, as none can hide the sun with the palm of a hand,” Dallais Shirreh Farah, Head of the National Women’s Forum (NOW) underlined, holding up her palm to the sun overhead.

Dallais, same as her colleagues, expressed how delighted they were in paying this visit to the ex-president out of love and respect, promising that they will be stopping by on similar courtesy visits from time to time.

Amina Mohamoud Jirdeh, Ex-First Lady, profusely thanked the visitors for their consideration and the love they have shown their ex-leader, and long-time statesman.

“You have loyally and without the least hesitation stood by the President during his opposition years, by his campaigns and through hale and sunshine without flinching or moving a millimetre,” Amina said.

“Kulmiye women had never budged, never changed loyalties. That is an achievement rarely witnessed,” she added, again, thanking them for the lovely, moving surprise the Kulmiye women officers paid them at their residence at Villa Silanyo, Hargeisa.

The Ex-President, on his part, praised Kulmiye women on the determination, stamina, devotion and tirelessness they have shown over the years which made them a unique political sect on their own.

“I cannot express how your visit touches me. I had known..had always maintained what an unshakeable resolve and resilience leading to many victories you lent Kulmiye,” he said, asking the visitors to continue holding their ground.

The visit, primarily, served as a tribute to a president who has been widely hailed as the ‘president of development and transformation’.

No decent list, in fact, can truly portray the enumerable ‘firsts’ the Ex-president’s administration has attained. To mention but only two, the 308-kilometre, harrowing Burao-Erigavo road President Siilaanyo started is now nearing completion. All ministry offices have been transformed shabby premises into awesome, multi-storey buildings worthy of their station during his tenure in office.


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