Puntland: Governor Dhedo Vows To Bring Armo District Lawlessness To End


The Governor of Bari region of Puntland State of Federal Somalia, Yussuf Mohamed Wa’ais ‘Dhedo’, vowed, Saturday to bring lawlessness in the Armo district to an end.

“Of all the districts in the region, Armo district appears to have abandoned governance and lawfulness these days,” he said.

“Of late there had been a series of vehicle hijack belonging to civilians in the Armo area,” the Governor revealed.

“I am not going to tell you – on media – what measures we will take. Let it suffice that we will seriously deal with the problem adequately and bring the situation back to line,” he added.

The Governor was speaking at a media conference held at his office, along with the Mayoe of Bossasso and other top district and regional officials. The officers just concluded an intensive discussion on juvenile delinquencies that they said was on the increase in the ancient coastal port of Bossasso which included armed robberies, muggings and looting which was largely carried out by young people the majority of whom were still living with their parents.

The discussion also centred on a series of criminal incidents involving, mainly, armed gangsters commandeering cars and lorries off the main life-line road into the hinterland which had, of recent, plagued the Armo area, 79 kilometres west of the port city.

Many have accused Armo district officers and security officials of complicity in pronounced lawlessness that may completely cut off the port from the rest of Somalia and Somaliland whose travellers and motorists use the highway which goes through the town.

Find the item @9’21” of the PLTV News Hour below:



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