Afar Protesters Block Main Road Connecting Ethiopia, Djibouti


Protesters in Afar regional state have today blocked the main road connecting Ethiopia to Djibouti, the main import export route.

Protesters are demanding an end to what they said were violent incidents in the past several weeks perpetrated by armed men from the Somali Isa ethnic groups, which claimed the lives of many and caused property destruction, according to this blog.

The road blockage is happening between the cities of Semera and Awash. Pictures released by activists show several trucks standing on the roads. In addition, the Ethio-Djibouti railway is also affected by the blockage.

The blog further said that protesters were unhappy about a recent decision by the federal government to remove the region’s special forces from areas where the violence happened.

They are also demanding the withdrawal from the area of the Isa ethnic groups and explanation from the regional and federal authorities.


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