Somaliland: SOLJA Slams SAAB owner’s Malicious Rhetoric


Chairman Huuto describes SAAB owner rhetoric as quite besmirching and befitting the profession

The chairman of Somaliland Journalists Association, SOLJA, Mr. Mohammed Abdi Jama a.k.a. Huuto was irked by the manner in which journalist-cum-poet Ali Senyo who took to use his SAAB TV to besmirch, mock and ridicule the country’s Chief of Police in a manner which was out of order with the code of conduct, laws and practice of journalism.

Mr. Huuto accused Ali Senyo of infringing the Information Act Articles 14,19,21,26 and 28.

He noted that if the culprit had anything to mitigate for his manner trampled on his our cause.

Worse of all, Huuto pointed out, was the loathsome language that was filled with mirth, ridicule and quite abusive that Ali Senyo used.

He said that not only did he wrong the Police Commissioner but it dented the whole integrity of our nationhood.

The Solja chairman was angered that the integral rights and conduct of the media was blatantly abused by Ali Senyo and that the association would not allow such tendency at all.

He said the association defended the profession but would not side with those who abuse it.


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