Al Shabaab Releases Pictures of Captured Somalia Army APC


The Somalia Islamist fighters, Al Shabaab, released a number of pictures of an armored. personnel carrier (APC) belonging to the Somalia national army (SNA).

The pictures, taken from various angles, clearly show unmistakable signs of the SNA markings.

According to a statement published on media outlets, the APC is now attached to the Group command in Lower Shabelle of the Southwest Federal State of Somalia.

The statement further reveals that the vehicle was part of an assortment of vehicles and weapons the fighters captured from the Somali army. The Group, however, fell short of divulging details of where and when, specifically, the engagement or engagements occurred.

The photos show the Al Shabaab flag pasted on the APC sides, a fighter standing on the vehicle spreading the black flag above it, and a number of other actions to hammer home that the APC is actually there and not a doctored picture.

This comes at a time that the Kenyan intelligence agencies trace back weapons used on the DusitD2 terror attack to Somalia, stating that they were part of its army arsenal.

The statement also coincides with a period the world is mulling over a considerable consignment of Storm APCs Qatar delivered to the weak government in Mogadishu.

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Following this development, the Republic of Somaliland had protested to the United Nations stating that all weapons delivered to the Villa Somalia administration end up in the hands of Al Shabaab and Daesh sooner or later. The captured APC bears testimony to the Somaliland claims.

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