Somalia: Daesh Inmates Attack Remanded British Suspect In Prison


Anthony Thomas Cox, who has been nabbed at Mogadishu’s Aden Adde International Airport on the 21st on suspicion of smuggling items that were of explosive in nature, was attacked in prison by two inmates Sunday.

A regional court in Mogadishu remanded Mr. Cox to prison on the 23rd to await a proper hearing of his case and the conclusion of the Criminal Investigation Department conclusion of leads relating to his case. Reports stated at the time that the state prosecution requested an extension of time to put together its case based on the CID findings.

Reports indicate that two inmates who had been convicted on connections to the Islamic State (IS or Deash), the Somalia Chapter, attacked Mr Cox with razor blades fixed on improvised handles. According to a statement by the prison warden, Mr Cox sustained minor injuries on the neck and was treated at the prison compound by physicians called to attend to him.

The Central Prison of Mogadishu, the notorious ex-Gaal Shire of old, is brimming full with suspects linked to the extremist groups of Al Shabaab and Deash besides the normal run of criminals many of who on death row.

The government did not say what further measures it has taken to ensure the Briton’s safety and that of other inmates who may be facing similar threats.

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