Somaliland: National Electoral Commission Not Resigning – NEC Public Relations


“The National Electoral Commission has neither resigned nor intends to,” said Saeed Hassan Ali ‘Sheekeeye’, Public Relations Manager of NEC.

Saeed Ali, on a public post he shared with his followers and friends on his Facebook account, stated that there were no substance to rumors propagated, bandied and fanned on social media to the effect that the current roster of NEC has bowed to pressure and is resigning ahead of end of their mandated tenure in office.

“It is regrettable,” he said “that the Somaliland media is publishing intentionally disruptive, insidious info whose provenance has neither been proven nor attributable to credible sources”.

“Such malicious, outright lies published for public consumption has far-reaching adverse effect on the society, its unity and national identity,” he stated.

The PR executive revealed that the incumbent commissioners had not tendered in their collective resignation to the President nor had the subject been raised among themselves or with anybody else.

“What had been published on social media is nothing but baseless rumors,” he said.

“We call upon those who have made a habit of inventing tall stories about nationally impacting issues to cease creating unnecessary rifts and confusion among the society, and especially as said unjustifiable tidbits are so designed,”  he said.

One of the two opposition parties, Waddani, has been insisting on the disbandment of the incumbent NEC Commissioners, declaring that it will not participate in another election that it managed and led.

The present term of the electoral body ends in October, about six weeks ahead of the date the Somaliland Upper House – The Guurti – has set for the long-overdue parliamentary elections.

Critics have, however, pointed out that – for reasons only beknown to itself – Waddani leaders are proving to be past masters in procrastination.

“Democracy is not fostered on dictated conditions stemming from unhealthy consideration of own interests,” one commentator stated, going on to say a behavior such as that Waddani was introducing to the process did not augur well for the future.

“If each party stands its ground and refuses compromises openly going against set laws, the whole democratic process will asthmatically grind to a standstill,” another said.

A third pointed out that if working national organs are not allowed to run their constitutional terms, national operations will become dysfunctional.

Despite the sustained criticism and denigration of the opposition party, Waddani, both international and national election observation missions have certified the presidential election the Commissioners have run beyond reproach.


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