Somalia: 5 Sentenced to Death for Gang Rape


Five young men were today sentenced to death by the First-Degree Court of Nugal region of the Puntland Federal state of Somalia, Garowe.

The five suspects were arraigned in court, Saturday, where three of them admitted to gang-raping a girl in Galkaio, the provincial capital of Mudug region, Puntland, on February 22nd.

The convicted rapists were named as:

  1. Abdirizak Ahmed Elim, 18
  2. Abdirizak Ali abdi, 18
  3. Yussuf Abdullahi Hersi, 18
  4. Ugas Mire Barre, 19
  5. Osman Mohamed Abdullahi, 18


This the first time in the regional state’s history that a court sentences rapists to death. The sentence, obviously, was influenced by a growing number of brutal rapes, especially in and around Galkayu, where all five come from. 

The case is not related to Aisha Ilyas’s, 12, who had been found killed last Sunday after being brutally raped, showing signs of beating and other injuries.

Investigations relating to Aisha’s murder are still on course, and not concluded yet.

The newly selected President of the Puntland Federal state, Saeed Abdullahi Deni, who came to power on January 8, has, thus far, succeeded to bring some areas under his jurisdiction back to order, although he has yet to tackle rampant lawlessness in some parts of Bari region which have become safe hideouts for both Al Shabaab and IS (Daesh).

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