Somalia Media Out to Discredit Michael Rubin for Somaliland Support


Somalia media has started a no-holds-barred attack on Michael Rubin, a scholar-writer who is currently a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute.

What do Somalians find Mr. Rubin guilty of?

According to the latest diatribe against the scholar, Mr. Rubin stands guilty – in the eyes of ‘Somalia unionists’ – well-founded, strongly rooted to Somaliland, its people, its cause and its quest for international recognition. Secondly, he stands accused of being a ‘Semite-lover’ – a man who has made no bones of expressing his views, including his ideas on where Israel right is right and where it is wrong on its Middle East policies.

And, to boot, Somalia has found a common ground that binds Somaliland and Mr. Rubin: a shared, professed affinity to Israel’s free spirit – which is not the same as a clean bill of health for all Israeli actions.

Even the late President Egal is posthumously exhumed to stand guilty in front of the Somalia bench of partiality to his Somaliland and Israel.

Somalia wants us all to believe that supporting Somaliland and respecting Israel are, both, crimes that no court of law can even ponder or adjudicate on for their magnitude.

That seventy percent of the Arab World, including Qatar – Somalia’s latest puppeteer and benevolent financier of its follies – and Saudi Arabia have close ties with Israel can be conveniently forgotten, on the Somalians part, in this argument.

If anything, Mr. Rubin is an honest writer and scholar who believes that the world has been hoodwinked by Somalia and its proponents who go beyond Somali circles. He believes that the international community is not only grossly violating every rule it has set for human rights, self-determination, democracy and sanctity of the human dignity but that, also, it is doing a disservice to itself – a disservice that, surely, it may regret one day soon.

Somaliland, despite what Somalians may lead one to believe, was the senior partner of a 1960 union that came into being in the hope that three major Somali-inhabited areas will soon join them in what was to be called the Greater Somalia Republic.

Long before he first visited Somaliland earlier in February, Mr. Rubin was writing about his views of how the international community, at the forefront of which was the US and Russia, could best approach the Somaliland issue (samples below).

And, of course, Somalia fully well knows that it has already a good number of Somaliland media practitioners on tow leaving the field to them to win by default – every time.


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The below-copied article appears simultaneously in, and It is a fairly long argument that repetitively drives home that Somalia and Somalians OWN Somaliland barrel, lock, and stock!


By Amran Aidid


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