Somalia: Driver Killed for 1 US Dollar


A uniformed member of the Somalia national forces killed, Monday, a driver of a public transport mini-bus for one US Dollar.

The incident happened at one of the checkpoints to the capital city called ‘Siinka Dheer’ – the tall communication towers.

Reports state that the uniformed soldier asked the driver to cough up Somali Shillings 24000 – equivalent to  United States Dollar.

Obviously irritated by the unjustified pay-up, the driver demurred, saying he did not have the amount on him.

The armed soldier shot him on the head – point-blank, killing the driver on the spot, and escaped.

This incident is the last of a series of similar fatal incidents involving uniformed servicemen killing civilians without reasons related to security. Many of the killers had been apprehended in the past and executed for their actions, but the number who escape and are never caught far outnumber the former, according to media sources.

Mogadishu civilians are targeted by both the uniformed services, Al Shabaab and Deash (IS) elements on a daily bases and on broad daylight.



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