Somalia: Man Executed for Rape, Murder of Girl


A man was today executed for the rape of an 18-year old girl in a village near the regional capital of Gedo region of the Jubaland Federal State of Somalia.

The man, named Mohamoud Ali Hamud, 36, was executed, Tuesday, by a firing squad on a public square in the town of Garbaharrey.

The rapist admitted to the act, previously, in a court of law. He also admitted strangling the girl after he was done with her fearing that she may reveal his identity and that her relatives or the law would punish him for what he did.

The rape happened at Yu’ubley village, only 15 kilometers from Garbaharrey, on January 29, 2019.

It was only last Saturday that a court in Garowe of the Puntland Federal State of Somalia found five young men of gang-raping another girl. The court sentenced all five to death.

A week earlier, a girl, 12, was found killed after being gang-raped in Galkayu of Puntland.

Rape has become commonplace in many parts in Somalia often involving a number of young men taking turns on a victim. The act, on many occasions, ended in the death or maiming of the traumatized victim for life.

The harsh sentences the courts are passing to the rapists is expected to act as a deterrent. This trend was started by courts in the Republic of Somaliland in 2017 and was found effective with the incidences of raping noticeably falling.


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