The Somaliland Quality Control Commission has on Wednesday given a clean bill of health to U-FRESH, a beverages production plant it closed up in December 2018.

Following a final meeting the Chairman of the Commission, Musa Hassan Haji Yussuf, and Image result for Guddoomiyaha Hay'adda Tayada Somaliland other members of the committee including Ali Sheikh Mohamed, Faisal Muhumad Saeed and Mohamed Ismail, held with the U-FRESH Beverages Management at the plant premises, the Commission declared that shortages found in plant production standards had been satisfactorily corrected since.

Chairman Musa stated that at the time the plant was closed, the commission had found several issues with products that did not measure up to the standards set for food safety.

“By re-inspecting the whole production line again, we have ascertained that none of the bacterial presence espied in some of the products is present and the environment that bred it no longer exists,” he said.

“Besides,” he said, “U-FRESH has put an internal quality control mechanisms that can be counter-checked by our inspectors in place now”.

At the time it was closed, the Commission made a big issue of how U-FRESH products were a menace to consumer health. It reached a stage where the President of the republic, Musa Bihi Abdi, himself, ordered an intensive investigation on the plant’s products and product-lines and that if it was found guilty of gross negligence and/or lax quality standards, that it be closed up for good and owners prosecuted for what they did.