Somalia Parliament to Grill President Farmajo on Nairobi Meeting with Uhuru


Members of the Somalia Federal Parliament may possibly convene on an Extra-ordinary session to grill the FGS President, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed ‘Farmajo’, on the outcome of last week’s unscheduled meeting with President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya in Nairobi.

In the company Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia, President Farmajo boarded a plane from Addis Ababa to meet President Kenya at a time neither country had a functioning diplomatic mission in either capital.

Referring to this incident, MP Zakaria Haji Mohamoud, stated, today, that the President disclose a palatable outcome of his meeting with President Kenyatta and the departure on acceptable diplomacy which he is accused of.

“As the elected representatives of the people and the Federal Government’s legislative wing, we have to ask the President to explain the scantily justified meeting he w

ent into with President Kenyatta, and, if any, what the two sides had agreed on,” the MP said.

Since the parliament is currently on recess, the MP called on the House Speaker and his Deputies to recall MPs to an extraordinary session ASAP.

“By hopping on into a meeting that was neither organized nor initiated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, as was the correct protocol, the President has compromised a significant lead Somalia realized in measures adopted to regain, total, indisputable sovereignty over presently disputed areas offshore,” he said.

Following the meeting between Presidents Farmajo and Kenyatta, chaperoned by Nobel Peace Prize-hungry PM Abiy Ahmed, nothing much has been revealed of it except that the two sides agreed on deescalating tensions and restoring diplomatic channels.

Unconfirmed reports, however, state that both Uhuru and Abiy Ahmed were of the mind tbat the maritime dispute submitted to the ICJ for arbitration can better be settled outside of it. Uhuru, particularly, it was leaked, indicated that the disputed area boundaries can be carved out between Somalia and Kenya on a re-negotiated, re-drawn map. Farmajo baulked of the commitment but sugnalled that he would not rule out an official proposal from Kenya  which he can openly submit to a ‘neutralized’ parliament at another opportune moment in the near future.

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