Ambassador Bashe Omar Continues to successfully Profile Somaliland to the International Community


Ambassador Bashe Awil Haj Omar continues to keep up a highly successful, fast-paced profiling of his country to the international community as represented in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, which he started since his appointment to head the Somaliland Liaison Mission to Kenya.

On Thursday, April 12, he met with His Excellency the Finland Ambassador to Kenya, Erik Lundberg, at the latter’s office.

“Our discussion focused on various issues among other things and it included: the upcoming Parliamentary Elections in Somaliland, The Economic and Social development cooperation between Somaliland and Finland as well as Politics and economic integration currently underway in the Region,” Amb. Bashe Omar said.

It was only a day earlier that the suave, western-educated, charismatic Rep paid a courtesy visit to the French Embassy where he with Ambassador Aline Kuster-Menager.

During the visit, the two diplomats discussed a number of issues that included – but not confined to – ‘possible collaborations, social investments and security cooperation’.

“Ambassador Kuster-Menager promised,” Ambassador Omar said, “to continue supporting Somaliland in drought mitigation activities”.No alt text provided for this image

Ambassador Bashe was among the dignitaries invited to the 25th commemoration of the Rwanda Genocide against Tutsi and Moderate Hutus at United Nations Offices Nairobi, last Monday, April 9.No alt text provided for this image

The event was organized to mark the highly devastating Rwanda genocide in 1991 during which 800,000 men, women and children were brutally murdered.No alt text provided for this image The occasion somberly remembered the courage of those who risked their lives to save others as well as those who fell in the senseless spree of killing in a period of time to be eternally regretted.No alt text provided for this imageNo alt text provided for this image

“Somaliland people are inspired by the remarkable progress Rwanda has made in rebuilding since 1994. We are proud of Rwanda as it continues to fight impunity for atrocities, lift millions of its people out of poverty, and build a peaceful and prosperous future for its citizens,” Ambassador said.

Since he assumed office in 2018, the young Representative embarked on a mission to introduce his often misunderstood, definitely wronged nation to the world starting with legislators and ministers of his host country, Kenya.

Ambassador Omar served his country as Head of Mission in the United Arab Emirates before his current assignment where he succeeded to attract the largest foreign investment for Somaliland running into hundreds of millions of US Dollars, putting Somaliland at the head of UAE’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) for 2018.

A sample of his meetings is depicted by the Tweets copied below.


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