Somaliland: Satellite-based data reveals Massive subterranean Water Reserves Available to Hargeisa


Hargeisa city has large and massive water within reach vicinity that can adequately cover the needs of the people and their metropolis now and in the future.

The thrilling revelations were given by SOM DRILL and SOMGEO companies who held a function to unveil the news and its data of technical satellite x-rays for participants who gathered in a local hotel.

The city has been bedeviled by perpetual water shortages. The ministry of water development was in attendance.

The announcement took many participants and the members of the public with surprise, most sighing with heavy relief.

Speaking on behalf of the prospective companies Sheikh Abdihakin Said Barre who is the chairman of the group said that out of the 8 major water tables running along the side of the city, the southernmost named H7 has the capacity of drilling 80 thousand tons per day which translates to 86,560,000 liters of water.

He noted that this was the highest water table, in other words, the one nearest to the surface, hence can be expressly be reached with ease.

In essence, the total of all the under-water wells has the capacity of 204,498 cubic meters of water which is more than enough for daily use.

The nearest water table, he revealed, is 150m while the longest fathom is 400m.

The director of the water department Mohammed Yusuf said that the satellite technological data of the prospective non-salty water was a milestone that the department would fully support.

Members of the traditional leaders who spoke on the occasion expressed their surprise amidst thrilled and jovial happiness that could not be hidden.

M A Eggeh


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