Somalia: 16 of the More Critical Blast Cases Airlifted to Turkey


Again, Turkey came to the aid of the critically wounded at yesterday’s VBIEM blast at the ex-Control Checkpoint at Mogadishu west.

It did not only rush in supplies and medics but the cargo plane which brought them returned, today, Sunday, with 16 of the more critically wounded. Those left behind include more critical cases who could not be airlifted due to their very critical conditions.

News reports emerging of the devastating blast at one of the most crowded junctions of the troubled city claimed the lives of more than 100 lives who parted life either at the spot or later succumbing to serious injuries sustained. Among the dead and the wounded were university students on their way to Benadir University on buses.

Idil and Ali Haile, sisters, were among the students. Both were rushed to Erdogan Hospital (ex-Digfer). Alia made it. idil did not.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations and almost all ambassadors and representations of foreign missions in the beleaguered city, including the EO, condemned the horrendous attack which has to find a claimer.

Photo Credits: Radio Dalsan and


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