Somaliland Antes Up Preventive Measures Against COVID-19


Hargeisa (Somtribune) – Following the Somaliland Mission in Ethiopia stopping the issuance of visas to travellers from Ethiopia to Somaliland, Friday, His Excellency the President took another major step forward by appointing a ministerial-level committee to coordinate preventive and combat measures against COVID-19.

President Musa Bihi Abdi on Decree No. JSL/XM/G/083-488/032020 of 14 March 2020 appointed the ministers of Health Development, Interior, Information, Religious Affairs and Education as a national task force to coordinate all necessary steps to safeguard the nation from the entry and spread of the deadly coronavirus.

This comes the same day as Ethiopia, sharing a porous border with the Republic of Somaliland, that its first citizen tested positive.

Somaliland, through its Deputy Head of Addis Ababa Mission, Barkhad Mohamed Karie, declared that its has temporarily suspended the issuance of visas to foreign visitors travelling to Somaliland.

It was a mere precautionary measure, the Deputy assured his followers on a tweet he posted.

Earlier, towards the end of January this year, the Council of Ministers, chaired by President Bihi, ordained that medical combat teams be stationed at all entry points including the only fully functional international airport, Egal, in Hargeisa.

Neighbouring Somalia has yet to take similar, nationwide steps to reassure citizens.

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