Somalia 2nd Place in COVID-19 Afflicted Cases, 1st in Deaths in the Horn


The Federal Somalia Ministry of Health has officially announced that the coronavirus pandemic afflicted 62 new cases and claimed 2 lives during the past 24 hours.

The Ministry statement identified the new cases as 44 male and 18 female, making the total number of people suffering from the contagion, at present, 390.

Minister Fawzia Abikar, a leading member of the Somalia COVID-19 preparedness committee also disclosed that 2 more cases have been pronounced recovered bring the number of recovered patients to 10, where the total number of people killed by the pandemic rose to 18.

This places Somalia at the lead in recorded deaths but second to Djibouti in afflicted cases where 1008 cases and 2 deaths have been officially registered thus far. In Ethiopia 122 cases, 2 deaths and 29 recovered cases have been put on record.

Worldwide, 2,858,489 confirmed cases, 200,698 deaths and 810,327 recovered cases are on record as of Saturday, 25 April.

No deaths have been recorded in the Republic of Somaliland and confirmed cases still remain under 10.



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