Somaliland: Covid19 Update for June 3

Somaliland Corona

The Ministry of Health Development of the Ministry of Health Development of the Republic of Somaliland has, today, Wednesday, made it known that 18 new cases have been discovered during the past 24 hours making the number of positive-testing cases in Somaliland 376.

In Somaliland, the total number who underwent diagnostic tests of the virus since its outbreak is 1881.

Fifty-four people have fully recovered from the illness thus far.

Of the eighteen, 15 live in Hargeisa and three in Borama, Ministry Public Relations Director, Hussein Mohamed Yussuf, stated.

The virus has, to date, killed twenty-two people in the republic.

On Tuesday the Somaliland ministers of Investment and Telecommunication, Mohamed Ahmed Awad and Abdiweli Sheikh Abdullahi Suufi, respectively, put themselves under self-isolation having found out that they were positively infected with the coronavirus.

Ministers Awad and Suufi (l to r)

In the region, extending up to Madagascar and Eritrea, positive cases recorded, deaths and recovered ex-patients are as follows:

Country Positive Cases Deaths Recovered
somaliland.png Somaliland 376 22 54
somaliland.png Ethiopia 1344 14 231
somaliland.png Somalia 2089 79 361
somaliland.png Kenya 2093 71 499
somaliland.png Djibouti 3779 25 1607
somaliland.png Eritrea 39 0 39
somaliland.png Burundi 63 1 33
somaliland.png Madagascar 845 6 185
somaliland.png Malawi 358 4 42
somaliland.png Rwanda 384 2 269
somaliland.png Uganda 489 0 82



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