Somalia PM Re-names Former Ministers in New 70-member Cabinet


Nearly three months after the parliament voted out the former Somalia PM, Hassan Khayre in a no-confidence vote on 25 July,   his replacement, Monday, releases a list of a 70-member cabinet which sees the return of the former Assistant Prime Minister and ministers at almost all key ministries.

The ministers of Foreign Affairs, Planning, Aviation, Finance, Transport, Constitution, Health, and Fisheries are among the ministries that will not be seeing new faces.

The new information minister, Dubbe

Among the Somaliland-born so-called mercenary-ministers in the Somalia government, only Mohamed Abdi Hayir of Information lost position to a relatively new-comer to the Mogadishu wheeler-dealer, politics-for-purchase scene, Osman Abukar Dubbe, a former media man, himself. The other four – Planning, Finance, Fisheries and Constitution retain their positions beside the Assistant Prime Minister.

The President of Federal Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, today, asked the parliament in a letter he sent the two houses to approve the new list as it is.Farmaajo oo R/W ROOBLE ku amaanay hal mid kahor magacaabistii wasiirada

The government of the recently appointed Prime Minister, Mohamed Hussein Rooble, will have a little over two months to address a number of crucial issues among which are the management of ‘election’ issues relating to the selection of a president and new MPs in January and early February 2021 and security.

The timing of the new government, following a three-month period during which President Farmajo lost dilly-dallying before he appointed the new PM, the return of key ministers and the number of crucial issues that needed tackling – which the new government will not be able to do, all point to a plan by President Farmajo which will shortly unfold – one way or the other.

Many believe that his behind-the-scenes moves aim to ensure his return to power – and if not an extension to his term of two more years – at the least.

Below is the full list.


    1. Mehdi Gulaid, Assistant PM
      2. Abdulkadir Nur Jama, Justice
      3.  Omar Ali Rooble, Religious Affairs
      4 . Khadija Mohamoud Derie, Relief & Disaster Management
      5. Gen. Mukhtar Hussein Afrah, Interior and Reconciliation
      6. Abdirahman Dualeh Beileh, Finance
      7. Hassan Hussein Haji, Defense
      8. Hassan Hundubei, Internal Security
      9. Ahmed Isse Awad, Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
      10. Abdullahi Abukar Haji, Education
      11. Maryan Aweys Jama , Ports and Sea Transport
      12. Gemal Mohamed Hussein, Planning and Investment
      13. Salah Ahmed Jama, Constitution
      14. Mohamed Abdullahi (Oomaar), Aviation
      15. Khalif Abdi Omar, Trade and Industry
      16. Saeed Hussein Eid, Agriculture
      17. Osman Abukar Dubbe, Information and Tourism
      18. Abdi Sheikh Ahmed Abukar, Posts and Telecommunication
      19. Hanifa Mohamed Ibrahim, Women Affairs & Human Rights
      20. Abdullahi Bidhan Warsame, Fisheries
      21. Abdirashid Mohamed Ahmed, Petrol & Minerals
      22. Hussein Mohamed Hussein (Badni), Animal Husbandry and Environment
      23. Fowsiya Abiikar Nur, Health
      24. Hassan Abdi Nur, Energy & Water
      25. Duraan Ahmed Farah, labour
      26. Mohamed Adan Moalim (Somali), Public Works
      27  – Hamze Saeed Hamze, Youth & Sports

Ministers of State

1  – Xassan Macalin Khaliif, Wasiiru Dawlaha Madaxtooyada
2 – Cabdixakiim Xasan Ashkir, Wasiiru Dowlaha Ra’iisul Wasaraha
3 – Yusuf Xusseen Axmed Gamadiid, Wasiiru Dawlaha Cadalada
4 –  Maxamud Macalim Yahye, Wasiiru dawlaha Diinta iyo Awqaafta
5 –  Maxamud Xayir Ibrahim, Wasiiru Dawlaha Maaliyadda
6 –  Cabdulqaadir Shariif Sheekhuna Maya, Wasiiru Dawlaha Ganacsiga iyo Warshadaha
7 –  Maxamed Cali Xagaa, Wasiiru Dowlaha Gaashaandhigga
8 –  Adan Abdinasir Maxamed, Wasiiru Dawlaha Arrimaha Gudaha
9 –  Shukri Maxamud Afrah, Wasiiru Dawlaha Tamarta iyo Biyaha
10 –  C/llahi Bile Nuur, Wasiiru dawlaha Boostada iyo Isgaarsiinta
11 –  C/raxman Kulmiye Xirsi, Wasiiru dawlaha Gaadiidka Cirka iyo Dhulka
12 –  C/raxman Maxamed Jaabiri, Wasiiru dawlaha Waxbarashada iyo Tacliinta Sare
13 –  Farxan Ali Axmedl Wasiiru Dowlaha Amniga Guddaha
14 –  Abdalla Xaaji Alil Wasiiru dawlaha Qorsheynta
15 –  Maxamed Xaaji Ibrahim Calil Wasiiru dawlaha Dhalinyarada iyo Isboortiga
16 –  Balal Maxamed Osmanl Wasiiru Dawlaha Arrimaha Dibadda
17 –  Cabdi Axmed Qasiml Wasiiru Dawlaha Shaqada iyo Arrimalia Bulshada

Vice Ministers

1 –  Cabdicasiis Maxamed Maxamud (Qambe), Wasaarrada Caddaaladda
2 –  Maxamed Sheekh Adan Hurale, Wasaarrada Awqaafta iyo Arrimaha Diinta
3 –  Isaaq Maxamed Maxamuud (Abow), Wassaarad Arimaha Gudaha iyo Federalka
4 –  Fahmo Axmed Nur, Wasaarrada Qorshaynta, Maalgashiga iyo Horumarinta Dhaqalaha
5 –  Sahra Haji Husseen Ali, Wasaarrada Shaqada iyo Arrimaha Bulshada
6 –  Axmed Xusseen Macalim (Gurey), Wasaarrada Caafimaadka
7 –  C/llahi Sheekh Cali “Qaloocow”, Wasaarrada Maaliyada
8 –  Cabdiraxman Yusuf Alcadaala, Wasaarrada Warfaafinta iyo Dalxiiska
9 –  Abdifatax Qasim Maxamud, Wasaarrada Gaashaandhigga
10 –  Abdirisaq Dahir Mohamoud, Wasaarrada Xanaanada Xoolaha, Dhirta iyo Daaqa
11 –  Nuuriya Adan Ciise, Wasaarrada Waxbarashada iyo Tacliinta Sare
12 –  Cabdirashiid Maxamud Xasan, Wasaaradda Gargaarka iyo Maareynta Masiibooyinka
13 –  Xiis Xassan Adan, Wasaaradda Haweenka iyo Horumarinta Xuquuqda Aadanaha
14 –  Dahir Cabdi Cabdullahi (Dr Go,) Wasaarrada Tamarta iyo Biyaha
15 –  Xirsi Aadan Rooble, Wasaarrada Gaadiidka Cirka iyo Dhulka
16 –  Cadil Sheegow Sagaar, Wasaaradda Amniga Guddaha
17 –  C/raxman Iidaan Yoonis, Wasaarrada Boostada iyo Isgaarsiinta
18 –  Xaamud Cali Xasan, Wasaarrada Beeraha
19 –  Axmed Cumar Islow, Wasaarrada Dhalinyarada iyo Isboortiga
20 –  Lutfi Sharif Maxamed Cumar, Wasaarada Arrimaha Dastuur
21 –  Cabdinasir Xusseen Geedi, Wasaarrada Hawlaha Guud iyo Dib u Dhiska
22 –  Maxamud Abdullahi Siraji, Wasaarrada Arrimaha Dibadda iyo Iskaashiga Caalamiga
23 –  C/llahi Cumar Abshirow, Wasaarrada Kalluumeysiga iyo Kheyraadka Badda
24 –  Cali Mohamed Sheikh (Bagadi), Wasaarrada Ganacsiga
25 –  Amiin Ahmed Sheikh, Wasaarrada Macdanta iyo Badroolka
26 –  Mahad Mohamed Xassan, Wasaarrada Dekedaha iyo Gaadiidka Badda


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