The government of the Republic of Somaliland, today, executed six prisoners whose last court appeals of stay of the sentence did not go in their favor.

The six, some of whom had been hoping against hope for commuted sentences or reversal of convictions, had been on death row for more than eight years.

The execution by firing squad was implemented outside the Mandhera prison where some of the sentenced transported from the Hargeisa central penitentiary joined the rest.

The executed were all male. They have all been sentenced to death for causing the death of others – some inadvertently, some intentionally. But since the families of the deceased did not forgive them, the courts were left no other recourse than to order their execution.

Hundreds more are in prisons charged on the same grave charges and sentenced to death.

Today’s batch is the second to be put to death within a year. Six others had been shot on the same grounds in January this year.

Those who were executed today were:

  1. Yassin Mohamed Yussuf
  2. Sharma’arke Sahl Oogleh
  3. Quulle Mohamed Elmi
  4. Khalid Abi Haydar
  5. Khadar Mohamed Warsame, and
  6. Abdikarim Mohamed Mahdi



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