Somalia: Shabaab Strikes AMISOM, SNA Forces Thrice in 24hrs


The Islamist jihadists in Somalia, ai-Shabaab, hit Somalia federal troops and AMISOM three times since Monday, yesterday.

An al-Shabaab assault team hit a Somalia army barracks, called Hayle Barise which is located in Yaaqshid, Mogadishu north, on Monday evening.

According to area residents, the exchange of heavy gunfire kept them awake for some time.

Details of casualties or destruction of property have not been reported by either side although the intensity of the engagement could not possibly end without some as reported by neighbouring residents.

At about the same bracket of time on the same evening, the Shabaab forces attacked another army post at Sabiid outside Afgooye some 30 kilometres or so west of Mogadishu.

This was followed by a triple hit on an AMISOM logistics convoy in an area lying between Shalambod and Danow of Lower Shabelle, Southwest State of Somalia.

The convoy was first stopped on its tracks by a roadside bomb closely followed with another.

According to Shabaab media sources, a frontal assault engaging the troops escorting the trucks followed the twin blasts.Again, no details had yet to be declared by either side.

Attacks and bombings usually pick up whenever the international community intimates or focuses attention on Somalia or on occasions financial aid or military support comes under scrutiny.

Political observers believe that the federal government and al-Shabaab, both, would lose if the massive in-flow of international aid dwindled or was depreciated. Likewise, wind of impending or planned international troops withdrawals throws security into assisted convulsions.

The US is poised to pull out the bulk of its troop presence in Somalia by early 2021. AMISOM peacekeepers are also scheduled to make an exit sometime in 2021, too.


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